Functional Glass

   Watching, observing and listening the daily life environment, forms, sounds, surfaces of objects it is the most inspirational thing for me. Every day I can see a world made from glass all around me. Small details of objects in my imagination create aesthetic visions which after all transforms into glass shapes. Some of the visions are very bright and strong, those come very fast. Others are constructed step by step which after all shape itself into transparent, glossy material. Thereafter, form which is beeing created, goes in confrontation with me and time. One art piece could be created instantaniously, but other ideas need to take time. A proper period of time to wait until it will be born.

glass artist  Remigijus Kriukas

After Storm

After Storm. 2020

H - 49 cm; 27 x 27 cm.

H - 47 cm; 27 x 26 cm.

glass blowing.

Forest Dew. 2020

H - 48 cm; 37 x 31 cm.

H - 39 cm; 31 x 32 cm.

glass blowing, engraving.

Forest Dew
Popping Cherry

Popping Cherry. 2020

H - 48 cm; 38 x 35 cm.

H - 39 cm; 35 x 30 cm.

glass blowing, engraving.

Well of Fortune. 2020

H - 16 cm; Ø 28 cm.

H - 12 cm; Ø 20 cm.

glass blowing, engraving,


Well of Fortune
915A0158 e.jpg

Stones of the Sea. 2019

H - 50 cm; 35 cm; 30 cm.

glass blowing, engraving.

Winter Spirit. 2020

Ø 30 cm

Ø 25 cm.

Ø 20 cm.

glass blowing, engraving, polishing.

Winter Spirit
Winter Sun

Winter Sun. 2020

Ø 17 cm

Ø 13 cm.

Ø 10 cm.

glass blowing, engraving, polishing.

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